Ezekiel McCullough

Baby Ezekiel McCullough hadn’t even entered the world when his parents Samantha and Brock received some unexpected news during their 20-week ultrasound. They learned that their son, would be born with a condition called bilateral clubfoot.

“We really weren’t sure what to expect,” said Samantha. She and her husband learned that both of Ezekiel’s feet were rotated internally at his ankles. The soles of his feet were facing each other.

Ezekiel’s parents were filled with both concern and fear. What did this mean for their unborn baby and would he be able to walk one day? “We learned very quickly,” said Samantha, “that our son was going to require a lot of treatment after his birth.”

Doctors re-assured them that with proper care the outcomes for Ezekiel would be very good. He would however require a series of casting to help move his feet back to their correct positon. There was also the likelihood he would need surgery while still a baby.

At only one week old, little Ezekiel received his first set of casts at his local hospital in Fredericton, NB. Eight weeks later, he had his first appointment with the IWK’s Orthopaedic Clinic. Here his parents learned that his left foot was a bit more complex and required adjustment.

At four months old, Ezekiel had his first surgery to help release a tendon around his foot. “It was a scary day for sure,” said Samantha, “but we knew he was in the best hands here at the IWK.” Ezekiel now wears specialized boots, attached to what is called a bar orthosis, for 23 hours a day to help keep his feet in the proper position.

The care at the IWK has been absolutely amazing,” said Samantha. “Ezekiel will continue to receive treatment for the foreseeable future but he has made amazing progress thanks to the team at the IWK.”

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