Annual Report 2019 - In those Critical Moments

In those Critical Moments...

Imagine as a parent, you find yourself in the intensive care unit with your child fighting for their life. It’s not something anyone expects to happen, but when it does you would want an internationally-leading, state-of-the-art facility for your child.

The IWK needs a fully-renovated Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) by 2020 and we need community heroes, like you, to step up and make this story a reality.

Like the NICU, this leading unit will include 10 private rooms, allowing families to stay together day and night. Even more than that, these rooms will provide better protection from infection, reduce noise exposure and increase privacy. These improvements will change the lives of critically-ill patients, like Charlotte teBogt.

Within a month of her birth, Charlotte’s family became alarmed when their beloved baby became very fussy, wasn’t eating well and was vomiting frequently. When doctors found a heart murmur, the Grand Pre, NS, family was immediately sent to the IWK.

Here, Charlotte was diagnosed with two congenital heart conditions and was quickly admitted to the PICU where the team closely monitored her heart. Charlotte needed to have surgery immediately. Doctors repaired one of her conditions and waited to fix the other until she gained weight. A few months later, Charlotte had her second surgery and is now at home with her family and getting stronger every day.

Through the phenomenal support of donors, like you, we can continue to ensure that this important facility is only a car, ambulance or helicopter ride away for any Maritime patient in need.

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