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Armoyan family celebrates impact of their IWK donation

October 5, 2015

Halifax, NS – Members of the Armoyan family visited the IWK Health Centre today to celebrate the tremendous impact of their generous donation on the delivery of patient care over the last five years.

In 2010, the newly redeveloped Armoyan Family Pediatric Medical Unit (PMU) opened on the 7th floor of the IWK thanks to a $750,000 gift from the Armoyans as part of the Children’s Site Redevelopment Project. Today, George Armoyan and members of his family visited the unit to learn about the many ways patients, families and caregivers have benefited from their philanthropy.

“It gives our family great pride to give back to our community by supporting the IWK. It’s an important resource that’s there for our children and grandchildren when they need it,” said George Armoyan, family spokesman. “To walk through the hallways of a space we helped improve and meet the patients who are receiving care here is incredibly moving.”

One of those patients is nine year old Kenzie Fraser. Kenzie has Systematic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) – a condition that causes pain, swelling, stiffness and loss of motion in the joints. She has spent a lot of time at the IWK throughout her life and was an inpatient the day the new Armoyan Family Pediatric Medical Unit opened five years ago.

“There is no comparison between the old unit and the new unit,” said Jennifer Fraser, Kenzie’s mom. “It’s much more welcoming and comfortable for families like ours and has made a great difference to the quality of our stays at the IWK.”

The PMU has 24 single patient rooms, each with its own bathroom. The space was designed with the goal of providing more comfort, privacy and dignity to families. Patients cared for on the unit range from very young infants to teenagers who require hospital admissions for a variety of medical reasons. Examples include gastroenterology patients with irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn's disease, respiratory patients with asthma, chronic lung disease or cystic fibrosis, or infectious disease patients with rheumatology disorders such as JIA and autoimmune conditions.

“We are honoured to welcome the Armoyan family to the IWK today to highlight the tremendous impact of their gift for our patients and their families,” said Tracy Kitch, president & CEO, IWK Health Centre. “Their incredible generosity allowed us to dramatically transform this physical space and create an environment where we can deliver the highest levels of patient and family-centered quality care.”


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Photo caption: (L-R) Jennifer Gillivan, president & CEO, IWK Foundation, Jennifer and Kenzie Fraser, IWK patient family, Tracy Kitch, president & CEO, IWK Health Centre, George Armoyan, Sime Armoyan, George Armoyan and Sam Armoyan.

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