IWK Telethon

Thank you to everyone — and there are thousands of you — who came together across the Maritimes in support of the IWK Telethon for Children on CTV. Together, you helped raised $6,580,266.71 for children and families cared for at the IWK.

From Sydney to Saint John, you gave it your all for the patients and families who rely on the IWK. Your donation will help purchase priority equipment and fund programs, research and new facilities. Thank you for believing in the life-changing care that takes place every day at the IWK.


Although the broadcast on CTV is now over, you can still donate! Our commitment to providing world-class care does not stop.

Online: www.iwkfoundation.org/donate
By phone: 1-800-595-2266

What you funded in 2017

Patient Comfort

4 Cough Assists

$5,399 each - Clears secretions from the lungs of patients with weak or compromised coughs.

Leading-Edge Technology

2 Infant Scales

$5,200 each - Allows for the accurate weighing of both full-term and premature infants.

Life Saving Equipment

1 Trauma Cart

$2,700 each - Allows for quick and easy access to resuscitation equipment.

Stronger Families

2 Recliners

$6,000 each - Allows family members to stay at a patient's beside.

Get Involved

Volunteer for this year's broadcast

The magic of the IWK Telethon would not be possible without the dedication of our countless volunteers. Interested in volunteering at the Halifax broadcast site? Please click here to apply! 

Meet some of the patients you helped last year...

IWK Health Centre Charitable Foundation Charitable Number: 867558090RR0001