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100 Hours for the Kids at the IWK

100 Hours for the Kids at the IWK raises $262,795!

Bell Media’s 100 Hours for the Kids at the IWK radio fundraiser raised an incredible $262,795.30. Listeners of the ten radio stations across Nova Scotia and New Brunswick once again rallied together to support specialized care for the Maritime patients and families who rely on the IWK.

This year donations will help support the urgent priorities of IWK Health including the purchase of new equipment like Transcutaneous Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Monitors for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). These monitors enable the care team to measure the CO2 levels in a baby’s blood painlessly through their skin. Access to these monitors will allow the NICU care team to minimize and potentially eliminate hundreds of painful procedures—like repeated blood work—for critically ill babies each year.

“We are so grateful to our partners at Bell Media who are so passionate about bringing this fundraiser to their listeners year after year,” says Hillary Forsyth, Manager, Community & Corporate Giving, IWK Foundation. “From the donors and sponsors to the IWK care teams and the brave and resilient families who shared their inspiring stories we want to say a big thank you! The Bell Media team is truly a team that cares—they care for our community and for the IWK.”

Halifax, NS

See stations in your area to catch the event!

New Brunswick & Truro

See stations in your area to catch the event!

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