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For Children. For Women. For the Future.

You help make outstanding care possible.

“You, our donors, are at the heart of what we do at the IWK Foundation. Your generosity directly supports the women, children and youth at the IWK Health Centre. Thank you.”

Jennifer Gillivan
President & CEO,
IWK Foundation


IWK Emergency Department visits by children and youth in the Maritimes in 2019-2020.


Day Surgery visits from the Maritimes in 2019-2020.

IWK Telethon

The 37th IWK Telethon for Children on CTV returns on June 6!

Meet some of our IWK Heroes

Nora Matchett, IWK patient

Norah Matchett

When Norah Matchett was three years old, she was adopted from an orphanage in India.

Rhys Abraham, IWK patient

Rhys Abraham

When Rhys Abraham was a young teen, she began seeing a private psychologist in relation to issues she was facing stemming from childhood trauma,…