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Become a Beacon

When you become a monthly donor, you become a beacon of hope for Maritime patients and families.

Maritimers know the importance ofbeacons. They light the way, guiding us during times when we need it most. As a monthly donor to the IWK, this is what you do every day for Maritime patients and families. 

As a Beacon, your monthly donation will provide reliable and consistent funding to quickly help the IWK respond to its most urgent priorities. These could include purchasing updated equipment and advanced technology, supporting innovation in research, or upgrading aging facilities.

Your ongoing support as a monthly donor lights the way to create a brighter future for women, children, and youth who rely on the specialized care at the IWK.

The MacPherson family

You never know when you’ll need the IWK. But when you do, you become part of a bigger community taking care of each other.

~Ryan MacPherson, father of IWK patient Ella

To learn more about becoming a monthly donor, please contact: 

  (902) 470-8085 or 1-800-595-2266

To find out more about where the money goes and how it’s making a real impact, please visit today.