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Our Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees are dedicated volunteers and community leaders from across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Together, they lead the IWK Foundation to raise much-needed funds for the IWK Health Centre and the patients and families it cares for.

Every member of our Board believes IWK patients deserve state-of-the-art care right here at home. Learn more about these passionate leaders.

Barry and Olivia Mason

I am a witness to the incredible care and skill provided at the IWK. We need to do everything in our power to ensure that the IWK continues to be a world leader in pediatric care.

~Barry Mason, Board Chair

Board Members

Barry Mason
Barry Mason
Board Chair

I’m a witness to the incredible care and skill provided by the IWK. We need to do everything in…

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Wendy Griffin
Wendy Griffin
Vice Chair

Thanks to the world-class care my son received at the IWK, we’re able to enjoy the everyday…

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David Glenn Fountain, C.M., O.N.S.
Chair Emeritus

The organization we serve has an outstanding reputation, not only for the quality of health care…

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Sarah Vienot
Sarah Vienot

I am inspired by the IWK Foundation and its work in ensuring the IWK provides the best health…

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Jennifer Gillivan
Jennifer Gillivan

I believe the women, children, youth and families of the Maritimes deserve only the very best…

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Jennifer Auld, board member
Jennifer Auld

Having had three children at…

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Kaitlyn Barry, board member
Kaitlyn Barry

As a mother of premature twins, I have experienced firsthand the importance of having access to…

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Headshot of Kara Cameron
Kara Cameron

I believe the Foundation plays…

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Denise Doucet, board member
Denise Doucet

I can’t think of a greater honour than to serve on the IWK Board of Trustees. This…

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Greg Hughes. board member
Greg Hughes

As a partner, a step-father, much loved uncle and a leader of a dedicated team…

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Sarah Irving
Sarah Irving

The IWK is a special place - one that provides the very best in medical care and research. We…

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Dr. Krista Jangaard
Dr. Krista Jangaard

The IWK Foundation plays a vital role in connecting the IWK Health Centre to our community. I…

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Veronica Lawen, Board Member
Veronica Lawen

I have been blessed to have my four children born in the IWK and followed and treated by the…

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Dr. Andrew Lynk, board member
Dr. Andrew Lynk

Better together.

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Kyle MacDonald, board member
Kyle MacDonald

Giving back on the East Coast has been an incredibly rewarding experience. The work going on at…

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Eleanor McCain, Board Member
Eleanor McCain

I believe in the IWK vision of providing specialized care to women, children, and…

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Steven Moore
Steven Moore

There is comfort in knowing the IWK is there for my wife and children, and for the many…

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Eric Paul, board member
Eric Paul

My son spent time in the IWK Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I’ve always been impressed with the…

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Headshot of Kellie Sauriol.
Kellie Sauriol

I am honoured to have an…

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Greg Simpson, Board Member
Greg Simpson

Our kids were both born at the IWK and one spent an extra week there in the NICU.…

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Olivia Sobey, Board member
Olivia Sobey

Volunteering as a trustee is very rewarding as the Foundation helps ensure…

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Mary Jane Webster
Mary Jane Webster

If you have known anyone whose life has been touched by the IWK and the…

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Catherine Woodman, Board Member
Catherine Woodman

My love and respect for the health centre is long and deep.  

I launched my career at…

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Honourary Trustees

Carol A. Beaton
Bill Carr
John B. Carter
Paul Conrod
C.J. (Clay) Coveyduck
Elizabeth J. Crocker
Jim Dickson
Ivan E.H. Duvar
Paul Dyer
Kenneth R. Eddy
Janet Eisenhauer-Creaser
Mike Elgie
Marc Furlotte
Dr. Alex Gillis
Dr. Richard G. Goldbloom
Robert G. Grant
Arthur J. Hustins, Jr.
Margaret Lockhart
Colin MacDonald
Colin MacKinnon
Steve Murphy
Rick Nurse
Kathleen O'Regan
W. Mark Penfound
Sheila Quackenbush
Maureen Reid
J. William Ritchie
Mary Theresa Ross
Dorothy Rowe
Heather Sutherland
Ivan Toner
Carol D. Young
Robert Zed

In Memory Of

The Honourable Alan Abraham
H. George Buckrell