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IWK Founders Club

The Founders Club is a special group of individual donors who contribute $500 or more throughout the calendar year and collectively have a huge impact on the delivery of patient care at the IWK. Founders receive exclusive recognition for their exceptional generosity.

"I have been a Founder since 1999 because of my love for children." -Pauline Hicks, New Brunswick

Thank you to our 2021 Founders

Francis & Vivian Allwood
Raymond & Diane Aube
Gilles Aucoin
Marc Aucoin
Kaitlyn Barry
Justin Beaulieu
Keith & Erica Bent
Peggy & Peter Bethune
Mrs. Maureen Betts
Dr. Roy & Gertrude Bishop
Helen & Kelly Browne
Robert & Paulette Buzzell
Paul & Lorraine Campbell
Shu Chen
Brian Chetwynd
Phyllis Cochrane
Marie Connolly
David & Helen Cosman
Renee Covill
Larry Craig
Brandon Crowell
Shaun Curry
Patricia De Freitas
Shan De Silva
Sarah Dennis
Natasha Dooks
M. J. & Rosa Doucet
Kyle Dunn
Nazira Elhajj
Bruce & Jean Elliott
Donald & Jillian English
Heather Facey
Anthony Farrell & Beverly D'Entremont
Robert Fearon
Judith FitzGerald
Blair & Margaret Forbrigger
Margaret & David Fountain
Luc Francoeur
Jody & Christie Fraser
Andrew Gallant
Judy Gavel
Paula George
Stephen & Deborah Gillis
Donald & Joleen Gordon
Aaron Gratto
Mike Greer
Muriel Hallett
Curtis Halliday
Nick Hansen
Vincent Hebert
Fred & Lorraine Henderson
Robert Hines
Robert Horwood
Katrina Hurley
Jennie Huskilson
Jacqueline Jenkins
Brian & Laura Jennex
Ronald Johnston
David Kazimer
Marilyn Keeping
Brenda Kelly
Jean & Pauline LaFlamme
Sherri Lamarche
Aldéa Landry
Donald Lanteigne
Aline & Robert LeBlanc
Judy A. LeBlanc
Stephane & Kathy LeBlanc
Eric Lemay
Beverly Lewis
Mr. John W. Lindsay & Ms. Anne E. Campbell
Arthur Lloyd
Frances Lloyd
John & Beverly Low
Vera Lyle
Faye MacDonald
Joe & Linda MacDonald
Jeff MacFarlane
Shawna MacInnis
Donna MacPhee
Khaled Mahmoud
George & Roxinne Mccallum
Kelly McKenna
Joseph McNeil
Stephanie Melanson
Don & Elizabeth Mills
Charlene Milner
Gwen Mitchell
Dr. Mary Cameron Mitton
Jamie & Mary Jean Muir
Edna Mutch
Shirley Neal
Barry & Ann Newcombe
John & Carole Newell
Kevin Nickerson
Gordie Noye
Jamie O'Brien
Wendy O'Brien
Rita & Bill O'Connor
Mr. Donald Oulton
James Oyler
Thomas & Lisa Parsons
Satish Punna
Habib Rehman
Barbara Reyno
Janice Reynolds
William & Constance Richardson
Bill Ritchie
Phyllis Roy
Jason Sammoun
Glen & Reta Sanders
Patrick Saunders
Rebecca Saunders
Rodney Sauveur
Jurcen Scheuterl
Jeremy & Richelle Scott
Lois Scott
Ernest Seel
Sandy Shand
Zachary Shand
Robbie & Jean Shaw
Geraldine Shepherd
Bill & Joy Sinclair
Leonard Small
Anthony Smith
Rick Snyder
Aaron Spencer
Buck Stafford
Edwin & Noreen Stairs
Donald Stead
Jim & Sandy Steeves
Cynthia Stewart
David Stuthard
Michael & Michelle Sullivan
Berthe Theriault-Mitton
Yves Thibeault
Mary Jane Tracey
Eugene Veinotte
Eleanor Wagg
Dr. Jane Weckman Alexander
Kyle & Leslie Westhaver
Carol & John Young
Robert & Joanna Zed