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IWK Founders Club

The Founders Club is a special group of individual donors who contribute $500 or more throughout the calendar year and collectively have a huge impact on the delivery of patient care at the IWK. Founders receive exclusive recognition for their exceptional generosity.

"I have been a Founder since 1999 because of my love for children." -Pauline Hicks, New Brunswick

2022 Founders Ambassador

We're excited to introduce your new Founders Club Ambassador, Adelaide (Addy) Lamers from Miscouche, PEI. As soon as Addy had been welcomed into the world, her parents and doctors could tell that she had been born with Marfan Syndrome – a genetic condition that affects the connective tissues in your body – just as her mother Kacey had been.

While heartbroken by their daughter’s diagnosis, Addy’s parents are extremely grateful for the care and compassion they received at the IWK. It seemed that everyone was there for them including a dedicated team of pediatricians, cardiologists and IWK nurses whom Kacey now considers close friends. “I never doubted things would go well thanks to the incredible care I received at the IWK,” says Kacey.

Each year, the Foundation selects an IWK patient to be a Founders Club Ambassador to share their IWK story and provide Founders Club members the opportunity to see first-hand how their donations are helping patients. By following the journey of the ambassador, Founders Club members are able to witness how and where their dollars have made a difference, either through the purchase of specific equipment used during the ambassador’s care or areas they have visited or stayed in as an inpatient. Our ambassador connects our Founders to the patient experience, what it means to be a patient at the IWK and the impact Founders are having. 

Today, Addy visits the IWK at least once a year. “The IWK holds a special place in my heart,” says Kacey who, from her own experience, knows Addy’s health is likely to worsen as she gets older. She will also be on medication for the rest of her life. Despite this, Kacey tells us that Addy is healthy and happy and living life to her fullest. “You would never know she has anything that could slow her down.”

Thank you for helping patients like Addy. 

Founders like you ensure patients like Addy have access to the critical and life-saving care that only the IWK can provide in our region.