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Our Values

Positioning statement on the IWK Foundation’s Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Plan

The IWK Foundation’s purpose is to create a far-reaching movement for children and women’s health, fostering a deep, meaningful connection with every donor, employee and family we impact.

To honour this, the IWK Foundation endeavors to be an agent of change through a fearless commitment to the core values of our Maritime community. We will do all we can to create an environment of compassion and mutual respect through thoughtful and intentional practices to address diversity, inclusion, and equity.

It is the IWK Foundation’s mission through diversity, inclusion, and equity to treat all individuals fairly and respectfully, providing equitable access to all resources.
Our purpose will be driven by the following approach: Diversity is a fact; Equity is a choice; Inclusion is an action; Belonging is an outcome.

The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Code of Ethical Standards 

A Donor Bill of Rights

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