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Canadian Pacific

Incorporated in 1881, Canadian Pacific (CP) was formed to unite Canada and Canadians from coast to coast. The building of the railway is considered one of Canada's greatest feats of engineering, exemplifying the notion that when you put your heart into it you can accomplish great things.

Since 2014 CP, through their primary community investment program ‘CP Has Heart’, has helped raise over $23.3 million for cardiac causes across North America. CP is the title sponsor of the only LPGA tournament in Canada, the CP Women’s Open. This tournament is held in a different city each year and CP teams up with the local children’s hospital to make a big impact on the community. In addition to having an ongoing philanthropic relationship with many of Canada’s children’s hospitals, CP has a multi-year partnership with the Heart and Stroke Foundation, funding world-leading research. They fund cardiac research grants at hospitals and research institutes across the country, with a focus on solutions for families, through the ‘CP Has Heart Cardiovascular Awards’.

In 2020, CP returned to the Maritimes and started investing in the region. In November of that year, CP purchased two cardiac monitors for the Medical, Surgical and Neurosciences Unit (MSNU) at IWK Health. This marked their first gift to the IWK since 1992. The MSNU has over 100 children admitted annually for cardiology and cardiac surgery conditions. These monitors allow the care team at the IWK to provide close monitoring, not only while the patient is at rest but also while up and ambulating post-operatively. They provide quick data on temperature, oxygen level, heart rate and rhythm and blood pressure, and connect with other systems such as Nurse Call to enable faster response to alarms.

"CP is proud to serve customers and communities across the Maritimes,” said Jordan Kajfasz, Vice-President Sales and Marketing Intermodal. “CP is honoured to help IWK ensure the best care is available for young cardiac patients and their families.”

Thank you, Canadian Pacific, for your generosity and commitment to saving lives and improving the heart health of Maritime women and children who rely on the IWK.


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