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The Dude Run

The Dude Run is an annual motorcycle ride that began in 2013 in memory of Reggie (The Dude) Dempsey, an avid motorcycle rider who passed away that year. The ride raises funds to help support children in need, including Maritime children who rely on specialized care at the IWK. 

Jonathan Dempsey, Reggie’s son and event organizer from northern New Brunswick, says that the heartfelt reason why they began collecting donations every year to help support causes involving children is because Reggie was known to be a passionate supporter of children’s charities.

In recent years, the organizers of the Dude Run also began to ride in memory of Jonathan’s two children and Reggie’s grandchildren, Joshua and Aja, who sadly passed away far too young. Joshua passed away in 2009 at seven from an antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and his sister, Aja, died at 15 in 2020 from osteosarcoma, an aggressive bone cancer.

In 2020, the event organizers began raising money for the IWK’s Hematology/Oncology Unit (6 Link) and have raised an incredible $6,800 to date. They were inspired to give to the IWK after Aja, who underwent cancer treatment at the IWK, passed away.

“We’re more than guys riding motorcycles. We’re close as brothers,” says Jonathan. “And the ride can’t exist without the community getting behind us and giving so generously as they do.”

Thank you to the Dude Run organizers, riders and donors who support this special memorial ride that is helping to support the IWK.


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