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Mickey MacDonald and Friends

Michael Charles MacDonald may just be one of the most prominent and recognizable business personalities and philanthropists in Atlantic Canada. 

But at the IWK Foundation, we know him simply as Mickey

Before the holidays, Mickey overheard an ad on the radio calling on listeners to support the IWK and its patients in their greatest hour of need. The IWK was urgently seeking critical care equipment. In this case, the health centre needed ventilators – life-saving equipment for critically-ill babies and children who can’t breathe on their own.

It was all Mickey needed to hear. He had heard the call for help and was quick to answer. 

And he was quick to phone some of his friends. 

The funds raised through Mickey and friends’ generosity will allow the IWK to purchase the ventilators to help the Maritimes’ smallest and sickest patients breathe. 

Patients like Bruin. 

The Pothier family never expected to welcome Baby Bruin into the world during a global pandemic. Neither did they expect their child would require life-saving care at the IWK. Bruin arrived six weeks early on April 30, 2020 in the Annapolis Valley. Bruin had lost oxygen and blood flow during delivery, which had led to several complications. The situation quickly turned more critical when he required intubation and was then flown to the IWK by LifeFlight. He was breathing, but needed assistance from a ventilator.

“When I heard Bruin’s story on the radio, I was struck with the urge to help. I mentioned it to my brothers, Jack and Colin, who quickly said they wanted to help, too. Then I made calls to my good friends Rob Steele of Steele Auto group, Jim Dickson the Chair of Sobeys and Danny Chedrawe of Westwood Group who share my passion and enthusiasm to help kids in need,” says Mickey, who also says his altruism stems from his mother who instilled a strong sense of social responsibility in him at an early age. 

“Because we could, we would. My hope is that our actions will help inspire others to play a role in helping to provide much-needed support to the IWK.”

Thank you, Mickey and friends, for your generosity and commitment to saving lives and improving the health of Maritime babies and children who rely on the IWK.


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