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Nova Scotia

William Fraser, IWK patient

William Fraser

Born with four related heart defects and a rare disease affecting the colon, William was admitted to the IWK's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for urgent care.

Canon Beazley, IWK Patient

Canon Beazley

During the early months of 2022, the Beazley family from Dartmouth, NS, were celebrating the completion of 12-year-old Canon’s cancer treatment.

Felicia Hunter, IWK patient

Felicia Hunter

Felicia was born weighing just five pounds and 10 ounces. Although some babies born small are healthy, this, unfortunately, wasn’t the case for Felicia.

Brooklynn Gray, IWK Patient

Brooklynn Gray

“Brooklynn’s first words were Dada followed by Momma,” recounts her mom Vanessa Farmer. Like so many other families, Brooklynn’s parents watched as their beautiful little girl hit many of the expected toddler milestones. First she crawled, then she started to talk, and then walk.

Ethan Edwards, IWK patient

Ethan Edwards

In January 2020, when Ethan’s mom, Allison, noticed he was tired most of the time and falling asleep on the car ride home after school every day, she didn’t think much of it. The holiday season—a busy time for many—had just wrapped up, and everyone was feeling exhausted.