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Nova Scotia

Satchel Tate, IWK patient, in his baseball uniform.

Satchel Tate

When Satchel Tate, 14, collapsed suddenly during his baseball game on July 30, 2022, his parents, Gord and Rebecca, never could have imagined it was because he had a stroke.

IWK patient, Baylee King

Baylee King

In 2018, Marlee MacNaughton and Shane King from Pictou County, Nova Scotia, experienced a devastating stillbirth. Months after receiving the go-ahead from doctors, Marlee became pregnant again.

Armbrae academy students at their IWK fundraiser

Armbrae Academy

For 30 years, Armbrae Academy, an independent school in Halifax, has been a dedicated supporter of the IWK Foundation through their Friends of the IWK Club.

Nathan Toner holding a cheque

Nathan Toner

Nathan Toner was inspired to raise funds for the IWK Foundation after he and his wife, Ashlee, had to take their newborn son, Myles, to the IWK’s Emergency Department in December 2021.  

Jesse Kilfoil in IWK NICU

Jesse Kilfoil

When Morgan’s water broke 11 weeks early in August 2023, neither she nor her partner, Brennan, could have predicted what their premature baby boy, Jesse, would have to overcome.