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Whitetail Fisheries

When it comes to supporting the IWK, Whitetail Fisheries are lobstars! 

Karen and Kenny McCavour, owners of Whitetail Fisheries, a lobster shop in Lorneville, New Brunswick, began fundraising for the IWK Foundation in 2009 to support the IWK’s Children’s Heart Centre. 

Karen and her youngest son, Bronson, both underwent heart surgery at the IWK when they were younger, and Bronson has benefited from the IWK’s travelling clinics for many years.

They started fundraising by hosting a lobster boil with a music concert at their cottage. They advertised the event through word of mouth with family, friends and welcomed all to attend. The event was a great success, raising $1,500 for the IWK!

The lobster boil became an annual fundraiser and, for the next seven years, would see a growth in attendance and funds raised for the IWK. Although the last lobster boil was held in 2015, which raised an outstanding $20,000, Karen and her family continued to raise funds for the IWK through their lobster shop until it closed in 2022.

They achieved an amazing milestone raising a remarkable $100,000 for the IWK to date!

“The IWK has a cherished spot in the McCavour family,” says Karen. “The IWK saved my life and my son’s as well. When I opened my lobster shop, I felt it was the perfect opportunity to fundraise for the IWK. It’s Maritimers coming together that helps make these donations possible.”

We are grateful to longtime IWK supporters like Whitetail Fisheries for ensuring IWK patients and families across our region receive the very best care.


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