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IWK Foundation impacted by Blackbaud data breach incident

The IWK Foundation recently learned that Blackbaud, our fundraising and donor management software program, discovered and intercepted a ransomware attack that impacted various non-profits world-wide. On August 5, we confirmed that this ransomware attack did include the IWK Foundation.

We take matters relating to the private and confidential information of our donors very seriously. For this reason, we wanted to make our donor base aware of the attack. Blackbaud has assured us that their investigation, that included law enforcement, confirmed that “no credit card information or bank account information was accessed.” Blackbaud has informed us that the ransom was paid and all information obtained through the ransomware attack was destroyed. 

Based on their investigation, Blackbaud has no reason to believe that the data obtained went beyond the cybercriminal or that it will be misused or made available publicly. To read more about the incident and Blackbaud’s response, please click here

We are continuing our conversation with Blackbaud to understand how this situation happened and to ensure all possible safety measures are in place to ensure the safeguarding of all data as we move forward.

The protection of donor information is paramount. If you have any questions, please contact 902-470-8085 or 1-800-595-2266 and a member of the IWK Foundation team will be available to further discuss.

Thank you for your understanding and your support.