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We're All Part of the IWK Community

Dear IWK Community,

My name is Shannon MacPhee and I am a Pediatric Emergency Doctor at the IWK. I fell in love with the pace, the comradery and culture at the IWK Emergency Department (ED) in my second year of medical school and I’ve been here as a staff physician since 2005. I love working as part of a team to take care of the young babies, toddlers, children and youth who come in with unexpected illnesses or injuries. It’s a real privilege to help provide care to families when they need it the most. 

In addition to caring for patients, I’ve had the opportunity to work in roles related to residency and fellowship education, in simulation, as department chief and with patient safety. These days I spend my time working as the IWK’s lead on Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids (TREKK). This is a national project that allows us to expand our walls across the Maritimes to help ensure that children being cared for in smaller EDs have access to the same care as they would at the IWK. Emergency medicine is a specialty with lots of active research. Working with TREKK allows my team to provide in-person and online teaching across the Maritime provinces to help our colleagues in partner facilities stay up to date. We’ve also been fortunate to have generous donor support that is allowing us to provide three animated videos  to help parents and guardians learn more about hand-foot-mouth disease, procedural sedation and febrile seizures.

When I look around our ED, I feel the generosity and support of our community. Donors have helped us purchase so many important pieces of equipment including stretchers, monitors and a trauma cart that help keep our patients comfortable and safely monitored throughout their ED stay. Thank you for truly making a difference to Maritime children and youth who rely on emergency care at the IWK.


Dr. Shannon MacPhee
IWK Health