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Your donations help to buy of vital pieces of equipment used every day at the IWK. Here is some of the priority equipment that donors helped to purchase:

Powermatic Tables
These tables will greatly improve the delivery of patient care during orthopedic procedures due to its multifunctional abilities. For instance, the head of the Powermatic examination table can be elevated for the comfort of the patient or because required during a medical assessment.
Powermatic Side Rails
The use of side rails on the Powermatic tables helps decrease the risk of patients falling off during procedures.
Chest Retractors
The IWK requires three different size chest retractors which is reflective of the size of the patients the cardiac team operates on—infant, child and adult. They help hold the patient’s chest open in order for the surgeon to operate allowing optimal visibility with the least trauma to the tissue.
Team Crossley

Team Crossley

When Cole Harbour, NS father-daughter team Brad and Alexis Crossley decided to enter the Trans Am Bike Race, they saw the US cross-country race as a platform they could use to encourage others to l...

Paizlee  Rose Adams, IWK patient

Paizlee Rose Adams

When an ultrasound revealed that Emily McCardle of Summerside, PEI was nine and a half weeks pregnant, she was shocked....