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Alyssa Sippley

The story of Alyssa Sippley and her family has touched people around the world. Alyssa became so sick after contracting the strep bacteria that she was given only a 5% chance of survival. Doctors ultimately made the difficult decision to amputate her limbs to save her life.

Alyssa Sippley, IWK Patient

She really fought hard to survive and we’re really proud that she did.

~Yves Sippley, Alyssa's dad

More than a year and a half later, many have wondered how Alyssa is doing. It's rare to see a strep infection as severe as in Alyssa's case. But any suspected strep should be seen by a doctor. Dr. Lanley of the IWK says the signs of a more invasive strep would be a child who is very unwell or one who might show personality changes or possibly severe lethargy - along with a fever. She also says don't hesitate to take the antibiotics if your doctor recommends them.


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