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Armbrae Academy

For 30 years, Armbrae Academy, an independent school in Halifax, has been a dedicated supporter of the IWK Foundation through their Friends of the IWK Club.

Cheryl O’Rourke, a retired teacher and the club’s founder, inspired the children to participate and donate funds from their birthday parties instead of receiving gifts. And that she certainly did!

The Friends of the IWK Club, comprised of grade one students, fundraises for the IWK through various activities like collecting bottle refunds, selling popcorn and hosting casual days.

Blythe O’Connor, a student at the school, organized a fundraiser called Change 4 Life, raising $7,000 for the IWK during her grade one year. To date, she and the entire school’s collective efforts have raised more than $65,000, making a significant impact on the IWK’s meaningful work. 

“I organized the Change 4 Life fundraiser because I knew that many kids, just like me, weren’t able to enjoy the experience of going to school every day because they were sick and spending time in the hospital,” shares Blythe. “I wanted to help give them the same chance to experience the joys of being a kid and get the best care they could while they were at the IWK.” 

Thank you to Armbrae Academy for their valuable contributions these past 30 years that significantly benefit the IWK by helping support Maritime children, women and families who rely on specialized care. We are grateful for your ongoing support! 

Stay connected with their philanthropic journey on Facebook @Armbrae Academy, Instagram @Armbrae, and X @armbrae


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