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Avery Mitton

To hear the giggles come from eight-year-old Avery Mitton today you’d never know that a year earlier she went from fighting cold symptoms to fighting for her life. Having Down syndrome, Avery’s immune system is compromised, which can lead to challenges fighting off illnesses. When faced with a combination of strep/staph infections, a virus and pneumonia proved to be too overwhelming for her body to handle.

Avery spent six weeks in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit fighting to stay alive. She would spend another three recovering on the Pediatric Medical Unit (PMU). During her stay she overcame many odds, underwent countless tests, surgeries and procedures and never once stopped fighting! Today, this energetic, smart and funny girl is back at home sharing her beautiful smile with those that love her most.

“We almost lost our beautiful daughter,” says Brett Mitton, Avery’s father. “We are grateful every day to hear her laughter and it’s all thanks to the IWK and the incredible donors who support it.”

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