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Eli Tasiopoulos

Parents Meredith and George Tasiopoulos never expected their baby boy, Eli, would have to spend 12 days in the IWK’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit when he was born in September 2014. There were complications during Eli’s birth that resulted in hypoxic ischemic encephalpathy, an injury that often leads to a diagnosis of cerebral palsy later in life.  “Eli was having seizures that were difficult to control. He was hooked up to many monitors and medications, and we weren’t able to hold him for several days. It wasn’t what we imagined becoming first-time parents would be like at all, but we knew he was in the best hands and we had amazing support,” says Meredith. In the coming months after noticing some abnormal muscle tone and not reaching typical milestones, follow-up care and clinical assessments began. 

At eight months old Eli was officially diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. Eli’s first years came with challenges that Meredith and George took one step at a time. The IWK was always there by their side helping them through each obstacle they faced. Physiotherapy and occupational therapy helped Eli with reaching a lot of his first milestones including sitting on his own and eventually crawling, milestones they weren’t sure he would ever meet. 

“For Eli cerebral palsy means he has unique challenges that he works hard every day to overcome. He is just like every other kid, he loves fast cars, thinks sitting still for too long is boring, loves playing with his friends and thinks broccoli is gross. He can’t speak, but he listens and understands everything around him.” says, Meredith.

For Meredith and George, the IWK was somewhere they spent the majority of their time. Both worked at the IWK while Eli was being cared for regularly, “I work there, and was there very often with Eli so the IWK was our life,” says, Meredith. “Having a sick child at the IWK can be nerve-wracking and you don’t know what hurdle you will be facing next. Because with kids like Eli more obstacles can be thrown his way at a moment’s notice. But thankfully we know that the moment we walk in the IWK our voices will be heard and, most of all, valued.” 

Eli continues to be monitored closely by his care team at the IWK knowing the time will come when he will require more therapies and surgeries throughout his life. Eli’s family knows he is in the very best hands and they are thankful for the support of the Maritime community who continuously gives to ensure their son has access to the best care possible. 

Today, Eli is a very clever and kind 7-year-old boy. He has the best sense of humour with the most contagious laugh, and he puts smiles on the faces of everyone he meets. 



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