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Erin Després and Elle Gray

In February 2022, Erin Després and her partner, Chad Gray, welcomed a healthy and beautiful baby girl named Elle.

Erin says that Elle’s arrival brought a new kind of love into their lives but getting to this joyous moment was not easy.

“I lost a pregnancy due to a miscarriage in March of 2021,” says Erin. “I found out in July of that same year that I was pregnant again with Elle. I was extremely thrilled, but very shortly after, the thoughts from my pregnancy loss came back. I was fearful that I’d lose Elle just like I lost my first pregnancy.” 

Unfortunately, during Erin’s pregnancy with Elle, her obstetrician detected an irregular heartbeat. Erin was sent to the Early Labour Assessment Unit (ELAU) at the IWK. It was vital to have Erin checked out and ensure her baby was healthy.

For Erin, her visit to ELAU helped put her mind at ease, and she knew she was in great hands.

“When I went to the ELAU, they immediately reassured me that I was in the right place,” says Erin. “I knew that going there was the best thing for my baby and me. The staff was so caring and understanding. They guided me through every step of what was happening and reassured me that my baby was healthy.”

Although Erin’s pregnancy loss in March 2021 was a difficult and emotional experience, she believes people should feel open to talking about pregnancy loss. “Many people don’t want to talk about the sad things that happen in their life,” says Erin. “But those are also important things that happen in our lives. And talking is what helps people get through it.”

Today, Erin loves being a new mom and watching Elle grow and develop. “She’s starting to make some cooing and vowel sounds,” says Erin. “She’s very engaged, and she loves her fingers right now,” she adds with a smile.


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