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Eva Lee Girard-Gagne

At 18 months old, Eva Lee’s behavior changed virtually overnight.

She stopped talking, stopped using utensils and started using her hands to eat. Her parents initially thought her behavior was out of jealousy toward her new sibling, but her symptoms continued to worsen. Eva Lee’s parents took her to the Georges Dumont Hospital in Moncton where she underwent tests.

Eva Lee was immediately transferred to the IWK where she was evaluated by the Maritime Medical Genetics Service. There, she was diagnosed a genetic condition called Urea Cycle Disorder (UCD).

During digestion, UCD causes ammonia to enter the blood stream and travel to the brain. Symptoms of UCD may include regression, inconsolable crying, agitation and episodes of vomiting. If left untreated, UCD can result in extreme lethargy, delirium and coma.

Eva Lee Girard-Gagne, IWK Patient

The IWK is everything I wanted from a hospital.

~Kevin, Eva Lee's dad

Eva Lee was admitted to the IWK and was administered medication to bring her ammonia levels under control. The effect of the medication was almost instant. Very quickly, Eva Lee’s behaviour and personality returned to normal.

Today, Eva Lee’s condition is able to be managed through medication and diet. The team at the IWK works in partnership with the Georges Dumont so that she can be cared for as close to home as possible.


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