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Howard & Judy Murchison

Grandparents often serve as role models for younger generations, sharing their stories and lessons learned. They are a part of the ups and downs within their family they love with all their heart.

Howard & Judy Murchison, of Summerside, PEI, know first-hand the impact of having the IWK Health Centre close to home. Their grandson, Parker, was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2010. They quickly came to appreciate the staff and the specialized care he received at the IWK.

Parker, IWK patient

Everyone on staff at the IWK must be handpicked for their big hearts. They help make the most terrible situations bearable.

~Judy Murchison, Parker's grandmother

The first year of Parker’s treatment was intense and tough but he is a fighter. Now an athletic and healthy teenager, the Murchison’s thank the IWK for the exceptional care Parker received.

To show their gratitude, Howard & Judy decided to become IWK donors. They are supporting the IWK’s most urgent priority care needs; advanced technology, research, improved facilities and up-to-date equipment.

By supporting their family and the IWK, the Murchison’s are also ensuring excellence in specialized care for Maritime women, children and families.

Thank you Howard & Judy! You are helping give IWK families the hope and healing they deserve. IWK Grandparents are a part of the journey – thank you for showing your support!


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