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Irving Oil & Fuel the Care

Did you know that every time you visit an Irving Oil location, choose Irving Energy to heat your home, or enjoy a meal at an Irving Big Stop Restaurant, you’re helping to support IWK patients and families?

For the past 20 years, Irving Oil has partnered with the IWK Foundation to offer the Fuel the Care program to families who frequently travel to the IWK for care. Irving Oil fuel gift cards are provided to the social work department at the IWK, where the staff work directly with families to assess their needs and facilitate access to the program.

Norah Matchett, IWK Patient, congratulates Irving Oil
Norah Matchett, IWK patient

“We’ve been able to connect thousands of Maritime patients and families with Irving Oil’s Fuel the Care program,” said Teresa Johnson, Professional Practice Lead, Social Work at the IWK.  “Fuel the Care helps ease some of the costs associated with travelling to the IWK for care. We know that with one stressor alleviated, even just a little bit, it allows families to focus on being together at a time when they need to be together most.”

Since 2002, more than 15,000 families across the Maritimes have benefited from Fuel the Care. In 2022, Irving Oil doubled their annual $70,000 donation to $140,000 to support IWK families.

“Over 20 years ago, we proudly partnered with Irving Oil to introduce the Fuel the Care program at the IWK. In that time, we’ve seen the impact Fuel the Care has had on thousands of Maritime families, and we know that impact will continue for years to come,” said Jennifer Gillivan, President & CEO, IWK Foundation. “This partnership shows these families that they’re not alone and that there’s a whole community behind them. On behalf of these families, thank you, Irving Oil, for your continued support and congratulations on this well-deserved recognition.”

In addition to fuel gift cards, there are several designated Fuel the Care pumps at Irving gas locations across the Halifax Regional Municipality. One cent from every litre purchased at these pumps is donated to the IWK Foundation.

Irving Oil was recently presented the 2023 Community Champion Award by the Canadian Fuels Association (CFA) to recognize their philanthropy through Fuel the Care.

“Supporting local communities where we operate is an integral part of the Irving brand, and we are truly blown away by the impact the Fuel the Care program has made over the past two decades” said Andy Carson, Director, Energy Transition at Irving Oil and Chair of the CFA Board of Directors. “We want to thank the Canadian Fuels Association for recognizing Fuel the Care with a Community Champion Award and we look forward continuing to collaborate with the IWK Foundation and giving families a lift when they need it most.”

Thank you, Irving Oil, and your employees and customers, for your continued generosity and support of IWK families through the Fuel the Care program.

For more information about Irving Oil’s Fuel the Care program, please visit

A Message of Thanks from our President and CEO, Jennifer Gillivan.


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