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Joshua Mazerolle

September 23, 2020

Since birth, eight-year-old francophone Joshua Mazerolle of Beresford, NB has been traveling to the IWK every four to six months for care. He suffers from Cryopyrin-associated periodic syndrome (CAPS)—an extremely rare, hereditary inflammatory disorder. It causes inflammation throughout his body and can leave him with symptoms such as fevers, headaches, vision problems, joint pain and swelling.
At the IWK Joshua is seen by many care teams and his family receives interpretive support through the IWK’s Bilingual Services Coordinator Nurse Renette Amirault-Laing. “Joshua’s condition is very complex,” says Renette. “I help him and his parents, Nancy and Léon, to convey and receive health care information in French while here at the IWK or from home.” 

During his trips to the IWK Josh always visits the IWK’s Outpatient Blood Collection Laboratory for updated blood work. Here, he is often seated in a power chair, that donors like you helped fund, that allows the blood technician to adjust the height and position of the chair to provide a more comfortable experience for patients and staff.

“Joshua’s family is grateful for his incredible care team at the IWK, as well as the many donors that have helped him, and will continue to help him, along his journey,” says Renette. 


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