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Kin Club of Nashwaaksis

The Kin Club of Nashwaaksis is a non-profit organization based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The club includes members 19 and over who wish to help their community. Throughout the last year, they have seen great success with their radio bingo program, which is allowing them to support many important causes, including the IWK.

Last fall the club received a letter from the IWK Foundation asking for support to help purchase new CO2 monitors for the IWK’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). A caring member of the club who has a personal connection to the IWK rallied the club to not only support this campaign, but to make an $18,000 donation to purchase an entire monitor!

Our motto is Serving the Community’s Greatest Need. It was a good feeling to do this and every one of our members was on board 110 per cent,” says Buddie Munn, the 2022-23 President of the Kin Club of Nashwaaksis. “IWK Health is close to my heart as I worked in the medical field and know what the IWK is capable of. I've taken several patients to the helideck or directly to the IWK. One way or another, we have all know someone who has been helped at IWK Health. We are proud that this is our largest gift to the IWK to date.

This incredible gift has enabled the IWK to replace an outdated piece of equipment. The new CO2 monitor will help critically ill babies receiving life-saving care in the NICU by allowing the care team to painlessly measure the CO2 (carbon dioxide) levels in a baby’s blood while they are receiving vital breathing support.

We are beyond grateful to the Kin Club of Nashwaaksis for supporting the IWK and making a difference in the lives of children in our region.


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