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Pierre Luc & Geneviève Haché

It’s not at all uncommon for siblings to have shared traits or similar physical attributes, but for Pierre Luc and Geneviève Haché, they shared something less expected—childhood cancer.

After discovering a lump on his neck in the summer of 2017, then 16-year-old Pierre Luc was referred by his care team in New Brunswick to the IWK‘s oncology team.  It was here that the Haché family learned he had Stage 1B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Pierre Luc’s care and treatment were successful and in January 2018 all signs of his cancer were gone—incredible news for the Haché family. But, their IWK journey didn’t stop there. A few months later Geneviève was exhibiting similar symptoms to when her older brother fell ill. Her mom Sylvie knew something wasn’t right. The family once again found themselves at the IWK meeting with a team of oncologists. This time, it was to diagnose Geneviève with Stage 2B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

“We are so blessed to have access to a hospital like the IWK,” said Sylvie. “They were there for our family when we needed it most.” 

Today, both siblings are doing great and have no signs of cancer. They are back to playing sports and living their best possible lives as young adults. The Haché family will be forever grateful for the life-saving care their family received.

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