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TD Insurance Saint John

Since 2006, TD Insurance Saint John has shown their unwavering support of the IWK Foundation as a dedicated annual donor. Each year their staff pick their top three charities of choice and for the last 17 years, the IWK has remained one of the top selections.

Thanks to the generosity and support of the members and employees at the Saint John office, TD Insurance has been able to continue its fundraising journey for the IWK Foundation for all these years through various initiatives such as fundraising campaigns, volunteer work, corporate donations and employee matching programs.

"I am so proud to be a part of our fundraising committee as the lead for the past 11 years. We could not do this without the dedication of the committee members that choose to volunteer year after year and the generosity of the employees in the Saint John office. Their dedication to the IWK is incredible,” says Lisa Pitt, TD Insurance Saint John’s Fundraising Chair.

This year, TD Insurance Saint John will achieve a remarkable fundraising milestone after their spring campaign: a cumulative giving total of more than $100,000! This is a significant achievement that shows how committed they are to helping the IWK provide the best care possible for Maritime children and families.

We are so grateful to TD Insurance Saint John for their dedication and generosity to the IWK over the last 17 years. Their support has made a meaningful difference in the lives of thousands of Maritime patients who rely on specialized and emergency care at the IWK. Thank you, TD Insurance Saint John, for your unwavering commitment.


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