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Meet Our Heroes

IWK Heroes

When you give to the IWK Foundation, you are helping to change the lives of the women, children and youth who depend on the IWK.

We are honoured to share the stories of courageous patients, amazing caregivers and generous supporters who know the value of the IWK to the Maritime community.

Meet some of the people who bring the IWK to life every day.

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Hannah Harrington

Hannah Harrington has a very special connection to the IWK. Her little brother, Quinn, had open-heart surgery shortly after he was born. During Quinn's stay, Hannah developed a keen interest in the IWK and a deep appreciation for how they "healed" her brother.

Gar & Bonnie Gillis, IWK supporters

Gar & Bonnie Gillis

Gar & Bonnie Gillis, of Point Prim, PEI, are well known on the Island for their impressive bottle house village located in their backyard. Now, they are also known as great friends of the IWK.

Rowan Carver, IWK Patient

Rowan Carver

Rowan's strength and determination to make his start in the world, along with his exceptional care team at the IWK's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), is the reason he is alive today.

Construction Association of Nova Scotia (CANS), IWK Supporters

Construction Association of Nova Scotia (CANS)

Members of the Construction Association of Nova Scotia (CANS) demonstrated outstanding generosity when they came together to build a healthier community by supporting the IWK Health Centre.

Jody Ross with her son

Mary Theresa Ross

If you have visited the IWK Health Centre with a sick child or loved one, you truly understand the passion and conviction of IWK staff members who teach, encourage and challenge patients and their families to thrive no matter what the illness or disease.