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Children’s Health

Emily MacEachern, IWK Patient

Emily MacEachern

In 2014, Emily was struggling with an eating disorder that affected everyday life.

Alyssa Sippley, IWK Patient

Alyssa Sippley

The story of Alyssa Sippley and her family has touched people around the world. Alyssa became so sick after contracting the strep bacteria that she was given only a 5% chance of survival. Doctors ultimately made the difficult decision to amputate her limbs to save her life.

Kendra and Kinsey Fader, IWK Patients

Kendra & Kinsey Fader

Nine-year old identical twin sisters Kendra and Kinsey had to overcome incredible odds to survive. Since their premature birth nine years ago, the IWK has been their home away from home.

Emma and Riley Doyle, IWK Patients

Emma & Riley Doyle

Like most siblings Riley and Emma Doyle share a special bond, but they also share a rare genetic kidney disorder. Throughout their journey the IWK has been their home away from home.

Emma and Gracie Van Donkersgoed

The Van Donkersgoed family

In 2011, Ed and Anne Van Donkersgoed adopted three little girls – Gracie, Emma and Sarah. The IWK immediately became an important part of their life.