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Children’s Health

Max Martin, IWK Patient

Max Martin

“It’s just a typical fever, nothing to worry about.”

Andie Grant, IWK Patient

Andie Grant

Andie’s family became very concerned when she developed foot pain that would not go away. It was so severe that for months she was not able to do what she loves most – dance.

Martin Twins, IWK Patients

The Martin Family

When the Martin family received devastating news about one of their unborn twin girls, the IWK was there to support them as they discovered the positive in a very sad situation.

Hannah Mackenzie, IWK Patient

Hannah Mackenzie

In 2009, Hannah’s simple leg pains ended up being a devastating diagnosis of leukemia. During the months that she spent at the IWK receiving radiation and chemotherapy treatments, Hannah developed a special bond with her oncologist, Dr. Bruce Crooks.

Mackenzie Joy, IWK patient

Mackenzie Joy

Ten year old Mackenzie Joy of Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia, has a unique view of the world and has discovered a way to share it – through the lens of her camera. After receiving a Nikon camera for Christmas, Mackenzie quickly mastered its settings and started capturing images.