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IWK Patients

Marissa Gootjes

Marissa Gootjes

Thanksgiving Day in 2017 began as an ordinary day for the Gootjes family of Quispamsis, New Brunswick. After a hockey practice and a family dinner, their oldest daughter, Marissa, went to a friend’s house to watch a movie.

Maggie Archibald

Maggie Archibald

Ever since her first menstrual cycle at age 12, Maggie Archibald, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, has struggled with debilitating pain.

Oonig (Oonie) Paul Ward & Jeff Ward

Oonig (Oonie) Paul-Ward

In 1996, Jeff Ward and his late common-in-law partner, Lori Ann Paul, gave the IWK a very special gift — a dreamcatcher.

Caleb and Ryker Pollard, IWK patients

Caleb and Ryker Pollard

When Hilary and Robbie Pollard’s son, Caleb, wasn’t gaining weight and had trouble feeding at three months old, he was referred by his family doctor to a local pediatrician in Prince Edward Island.

Ava Hamilton, IWK patient

Ava Hamilton

In early 2020, Ava Hamilton, who was then 16, started to have persistent nausea that would worsen after she ate something.