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IWK Patients

Caleb and Ryker Pollard, IWK patients

Caleb and Ryker Pollard

When Hilary and Robbie Pollard’s son, Caleb, wasn’t gaining weight and had trouble feeding at three months old, he was referred by his family doctor to a local pediatrician in Prince Edward Island.

Ava Hamilton, IWK patient

Ava Hamilton

In early 2020, Ava Hamilton, who was then 16, started to have persistent nausea that would worsen after she ate something.

Felicia Hunter, IWK patient

Felicia Hunter

Felicia was born weighing just five pounds and 10 ounces. Although some babies born small are healthy, this, unfortunately, wasn’t the case for Felicia.

Ellis Ferrish, IWK patient

Ellis Ferrish

Ellis Ferrish was only 15 days old when she was referred by the team at her local hospital in Prince Edward Island to the IWK’s Orthopaedic Clinic.

Brooklynn Gray, IWK Patient

Brooklynn Gray

“Brooklynn’s first words were Dada followed by Momma,” recounts her mom Vanessa Farmer. Like so many other families, Brooklynn’s parents watched as their beautiful little girl hit many of the expected toddler milestones. First she crawled, then she started to talk, and then walk.