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IWK Patients

Mackenzie Allain, IWK Patient

Mackenzie Allain

When young Mackenzie bumped her head during a bout of the flu, the virus started to affect her body in an unusual way. As time went on, the symptoms of her flu infection seemed to worsen so her father brought her to the emergency department at the Georges Dumont Hospital in Moncton, NB.

Ella Elkins, IWK Patient

Ella Elkins

In early July 2016, a fall off a bleacher landed five-year old Ella Elkins, then of Port aux Basques, Newfoundland, in her local hospital. She was rushed to the Janeway Hospital in St. John’s with what appeared to be a brain hemorrhage.

Madeline Hollis, IWK Patient

Madeline Hollis

In October, 2014, after becoming unwell at daycare, Madeline Hollis went to visit her family doctor who sent her to see a Pediatrician. She was taken straightaway for bloodwork at her local hospital.

Alexis Fletcher, IWK patient

Alexis Fletcher

Alexis was a kind, sensitive and free-spirited teenager who cared deeply about those around her. She was a talented dancer, enjoyed drawing and was loved by her family and friends.

But she was also struggling with feelings of depression.

Asher Brown, IWK Patient

Asher Brown

In early 2014, Kristen Brown of Fredericton, New Brunswick was pregnant with twins – a boy and a girl. During her 18-week ultrasound an issue was detected with her unborn son Asher’s heart. A trip to the IWK determined that Asher had two heart defects and would need surgery after his birth.