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IWK Patients

Mackenzie Joy, IWK patient

Mackenzie Joy

Ten year old Mackenzie Joy of Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia, has a unique view of the world and has discovered a way to share it – through the lens of her camera. After receiving a Nikon camera for Christmas, Mackenzie quickly mastered its settings and started capturing images.

Isaac Fraser, IWK Patient

Isaac Fraser

Isaac's mom became concerned that something was wrong when, as a baby, he was not reaching typical developmental milestones.

Ella Powell, IWK Patient

Ella Powell

Ella may be tiny, but she has proven she is mighty. The care she received from the IWK Health Centre began before she was even born. Mallory and Mike Powell suffered a loss when one of their unborn twin babies passed away in utero.

Rowan Carver, IWK Patient

Rowan Carver

Rowan's strength and determination to make his start in the world, along with his exceptional care team at the IWK's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), is the reason he is alive today.

Jody Ross with her son

Mary Theresa Ross

If you have visited the IWK Health Centre with a sick child or loved one, you truly understand the passion and conviction of IWK staff members who teach, encourage and challenge patients and their families to thrive no matter what the illness or disease.