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Meet Our Heroes

IWK Heroes

When you give to the IWK Foundation, you are helping to change the lives of the women, children and youth who depend on the IWK.

We are honoured to share the stories of courageous patients, amazing caregivers and generous supporters who know the value of the IWK to the Maritime community.

Meet some of the people who bring the IWK to life every day.

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Carter Theriault, IWK Patient

Carter Theriault

Weighing only one pound 15 ounces at birth, baby Carter from Mineville, Nova Scotia made his debut into the world 14 weeks early, at just 26 weeks gestation.

HHRC, IWK Supporters

Hospitality Human Resources Committee (HHRC)

The IWK Foundation is extremely fortunate to have so many generous friends who care deeply about improving care at the IWK. Meet the Hospitality Human Resources Committee (HHRC) – an innovative group of human resource professionals who promote growth and awareness of the hospitality industry.

Murchison Family

Howard & Judy Murchison

Grandparents often serve as role models for younger generations, sharing their stories and lessons learned. They are a part of the ups and downs within their family they love with all their heart.

Jim Drover, IWK donor

Jim Drover

In November 2014, Jim decided to leave a gift in his will to the IWK Foundation. This gift is in honour of Sam Jangaard, the son of a dear friend and IWK Foundation employee, Kim Farmer.

Emily MacEachern, IWK Patient

Emily MacEachern

In 2014, Emily was struggling with an eating disorder that affected everyday life.